I am an Associate Professor of Sociology at Villanova University. Welcome to my infrequently updated page, though links to my research are regularly updated.

Our book was just published! Check out our page here: Princeton University Press and consider buying it from bookshop.org as well to support local businesses.

My research focuses on the physical and social boundaries between races in the United State. Currently, I’ve focused on how criminal justice engagement affects racial justice. One primary topic of study is on the impact of incarceration on redistricting and political representation, including a co-authored piece that helped convince Pennsylvania to return incarcerated individuals to their home communities in its data for state level redistricting. I also study the role of violence in contemporary policing and the lingering effects of that violence on people and communities. Other research on spatial inequality analyzes the role of roads and other physical barriers in shaping and reifying racial residential segregation in Philadelphia. Other research studies the experience of crossing a social boundary, primarily via elite education, either in high school or college, and multiracial identity and racial fluidity.

And when I’m not doing all of that, I’m tasting the foods of Philadelphia, watching my teams (Boston for pro sports, Georgetown for college basketball and Barcelona for football. Hoya Saxa! Visca Barça!), and trying to get into shape through road biking.

Thanks for visiting!

Python script to incorporate friction into segregation maps is available here

*Editor’s Note: It took 6 months after promotion and two friendly reminders to update my title!

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